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CanaDAM 2025

Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic ​Mathematics Conference

The tenth biennial Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics conference ​(CanaDAM) will be held in Ottawa on May 2025.

Rideau Canal and The Parliament of Canada, Ottawa

Plenary Speakers

Anne Broadbent

University of Ottawa

Frederick Manners

UC San Diego

Sam Mattheus

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Rosa Orellana

Dartmouth College

Jinyoung Park. Photo Credit: Rod Searcey

Photo credit: ​Rod Searcey

Jinyoung Park

New York University

Oliver Pechenik

University of Waterloo

Annie Raymond

University of Massachusetts

Paul Seymour

Princeton University

Public Interest Lecture

Po-Shen Loh

Carnegie Mellon University

Invited Minisymposia

Pursuit-evasion games on graphs

Anthony Bonato, Toronto Metropolitan University

Title TBA

Steven N. Karp, University of Notre Dame

Title TBA

Steve Kirkland, University of Manitoba

Title TBA

Jean-Philippe Labbé, École de Technologie supérieure

Title TBA

Jonathan Leake, University of Waterloo

Title TBA

Olya Mandelshtam, University of Waterloo

Title TBA

Sam Mattheus, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Spectral Graph Theory

Shahla Nasserasr, Rochester Institute of Technology

Matroid Theory

Peter Nelson, University of Waterloo

Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

Jinyoung Park, New York University

Web Graphs

Oliver Pechenik, University of Waterloo and Josh Swanson, University of Southern ​California

More Invited Minisymposia to be announced!

Structural Graph Theory

Paul Seymour, Princeton University

Special Events

To be announced!


Contact us at ec-chair@canadam.ca if you are interested in sponsoring CanaDAM ​2025!

Important Dates

Submission Deadlines

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Registration Deadlines

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Conference Registration

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Special events registration

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Participation of students and postdocs is highly encouraged at CanaDAM.

Funding details and application deadlines are to be announced!


Participants at CanaDAM 2025 are encouraged to submit high quality proposals for ​Contributed Minisymposia and Contributed Talks on topics related to Discrete and ​Algorithmic Mathematics.

Details regarding the format and deadlines for such submissions will be posted here ​shortly.


To be announced!

Local Information

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Organization Team

Program Committee